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Tsunami Awareness Materials for the Public

The ITIC has compiled a small number of basic tsunami awareness materials to support the needs of government agencies, emergency managers and educators.  Tsunami, The Great Waves, Tsunami Warning! and the Tsunami Awareness Poster are provided in formats to allow them to be modified to meet the needs, cultures, and languages of local communities.  These files can be customized and translated; we ask that you retain the logos and attributes to the UNESCO IOC ITIC, but you may also add your agency information and print and distribute the revised materials.  Upon modification, we ask that you provide the ITIC with electronic and print copies of your revision.  Your sharing will enable us to share your work with others.


In general, all the materials are available in English, French, and Spanish.  Additionally, selected materials are available in other languages.  These have been contributed by Member States, and ITIC has received copies of their translated materials.


The files are of differing sizes and formats to aid in this effort.  The .pdf files, in both low and high resolution (created in Adobe Acrobat 7.0), were created from the originals for both online and print distribution. The .doc files (created in Microsoft Word 2003) are intended for easy translation into other languages, or to allow easy insertion of local information. The .ai files (created in Adobe Illustrator CS) are the original files used to create the product and can be modified to include local images and content.


All files are available by DVD from ITIC on request, or available for download from the ITIC web site at



Tsunami Warning Decision Support Tools

Download entire PDF file here or individually in the table of contents below.

Compiled and distributed by UNESCO-IOC International Tsunami Information Center
May 2014


These following are useful decision support tools available free-of-charge to governments and other recognized authorities involved in tsunami warning hazard mitigation. For more information, contact the ITIC ( or its Director (Laura Kong,



1. Real Time Earthquake Display (RTED) Tool - developed by US Geological Survey and the California Office of Emergency Services (California Integrated Seismic Network, CISN) with support from the US National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program. This GIS display provides realtime earthquake information as broadcast by the US Geological Survey National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) and includes tsunami information from the PTWC and US NTWC. The USGS NEIC serves as the World Data Center for Seismology. Available since 2005.


2. Tsunami Warning Operations: Sea Level Monitoring – Tide Tool and IOC Sea Level Monitoring Facility

Tide Tool is an operations tool developed and supported by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for the decode, display, and manipulation of sea level data (coastal and DART deep-ocean stations) transmitted over the WMO Global Telecommunications System (GTS). The tool continuously decodes sea level in real-time and displays the time series on a computer screen, along with station status and metadata. Non-operational versions also exist for data transmissions through the internet and for archived data. Available since 2005.


The IOC Sea Level Monitoring Facility, developed originally under the IOC IODE Project for the ODINAFRICA sea level network in 2006, is a web-based real-time monitoring tool for sea level stations globally. The URL is . The tool provides sea-level data, station status and metadata, data plots, and other database services. This tool should be used with caution for operational purposes since timely web access cannot be guaranteed all over the globe during emergencies. Available since 2008.


3. PTWC Tsunami Messages: RANET Alert Watcher SMS text message
The PTWC, through the RANET project, provides an SMS Heads-up alert to government authoritative tsunami warning and response agencies. The messages are brief in order to alert the recipient that official message (which is longer) has been sent. Available since 2005.


 4. Tsunami Bulletin Board (TBB)
The TBB is an email list serve that provides immediate sharing of tsunami information by and among tsunami professionals (scientists, researchers, emergency officials, and other officials). PTWC and NTWC bulletins are immediately posted to TBB. Its purpose is to provide an open, objective scientific forum for the posting and discussion of tsunami news, information, and research. It is not open to the media or the general public, and is not intended for advertising or activities of a commercial nature. The TBB began in 1995.


5. Tsunami Travel Time Software
The World Data Center for Marine Geology and Geophysics (WDC-MGG), co-located at the NOAA National Geophysical Data Center, serves as the world’s recognized tsunami database and archiving centre. The WDC-MGG and the ITIC are providing free-of-charge, tsunami travel time calculation and display software to government organizations involved in providing tsunami warning and mitigation services. Other interested organizations and individuals are requested to obtain the software directly from the developer. The Tsunami Travel Time (TTT) software is used by the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center for its operations calculations. Map graphics are made using the open-source Generic Mapping Tools (GMT). TTT is included in TsuDig. Available since 2007.


6. Tsunami Historical Database
The WDC-MGG provides extensive online, web-based and offline tools and other hazards information and digital bathymetry services. In 2009, the WDC-MGG and ITIC began distributing an enhanced offline tool (TsuDig GIS tool) that accesses the WDC database and includes features of specific use and interest to tsunami warning and emergency response decision-makers; TTT calculations and displays are included in TsuDig. Since the 1990s with the last features update in 2005, the Novosibirsk Tsunami Laboratory (NTL) has provided the WinITDB as an offline, standalone tool working on Windows platform.


7. Google Earth Database Files
The Google Earth visualization tool can be used to display a number of tsunami-related databases. These include files for USGS-located earthquakes (in near real-time), WDC/NGDC Historical Tsunami Database as well as Significant Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions, the IRIS Global Seismic Network, and the PTWC-received Sea Level Network.


8. TsunamiTeacher Tsunami Resource Toolkit
TsunamiTeacher brings together authoritative and reliable materials of interest to a range of stakeholders involved in tsunami warning and mitigation. Sections cover the roles of the media, educational systems, and the public (government) and private sectors. The tool is available as an electronic resource, and as an offline DVD from ITIC or IOC. Available since 2006. TsunamiTeacher has been translated into several languages to date. In 2011, the ITIC will produce US TsunamiTeacher describing the PTWC and US NTWC warning operations and activities of the US National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program.



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DVD copies for PC and Macintosh computers are available free of charge from the ITIC, Hawaii (

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