Natural Warning Signs

Sensing a Tsunami

Tsunamis can be detected using our human senses.
Recognize a tsunami’s natural warning signs.


  • Big local earthquakes may cause tsunamis
  • FEEL the ground shaking severely, or for a long time?



  • Tsunami may be preceded by a rapid fall in sea level as the ocean recedes, exposing reefs, rocks, and fishes on the sea bottom.
  • Tsunami often come ashore as a wall of water, and quickly flood inland.
  • SEE an unusual disappearance of water, or oncoming wall of water?



  • Abnormal ocean activity, a wall of water, and
    approaching tsunami create a loud “roaring”
    sound similar to that of a train or jet aircraft.
  • HEAR the roar?



  • Don’t wait for official evacuation orders.
  • Immediately leave low-lying coastal areas.
  • Move inland to higher ground.
  • RUN if you see a tsunami coming!


Download and print these natural warning signs: Sensing a Tsunami (PDF)

View all ITIC's Tsunami Safety flyers in English, Bahasa (Indonesia), Tongan and Spanish. Click here.






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DVD copies for PC and Macintosh computers are available free of charge from the ITIC, Hawaii (

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