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06 February 2013 (UTC), Mw 8.0, W of Lata, Solomon Islands Tsunami

The 6 February 2013 magnitude 8.0 Mw Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands earthquake (10.738 S, 165.138 E, depth 29 km) generated a tsunami that was observed all over the Pacific region and caused deaths and damage locally. According to news reports, the worst damage was observed approximately 75 km from the epicenter on the western part of Ndeni (Ndeno) Island where 1.5 meter waves caused 9 deaths, destroyed 460 homes across 5 villages, and damaged the airport at Lata. In 2007, a magnitude 8.1 Mw earthquake located approximately 900 km from this event generated a tsunami that caused 52 deaths. 


According to the USGS, the 6 February 2013 earthquake occurred as a result of shallow thrust faulting on or near the plate boundary interface between the Australia and Pacific plates. In the region of this earthquake, the Australia plate converges with and subducts beneath the Pacific plate, moving towards the east-northeast at a rate of approximately 94 mm/yr.  

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On 6 February 2013, a powerful M8.0 earthquake occurred at 01:12 UTC off the Santa Cruz Islands, Solomons due to shallow thrust faulting at a depth of 28 km on or near the plate boundary interface between the Australia and Pacific plates. The M8 earthquake generated a tsunami that was recorded on sea level gauges around the Pacific. The largest wave of 1 m amplitude was recorded at Lata Wharf located about 50 km from the epicenter. Over the month leading up to the event, there had been dozens of earthquakes in the epicentral region, 7 of which were greater than M6. There were also two greater than M6 aftershocks.


Event List - January 1 - September 5, 2013

Advisories issued by international tsunami warning centers. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (P) issues: Tsunami Information Bulletins (TIB), Fixed and Expanding Regional Warnings (FRW, ERW), and Ocean-wide or Widespread Watch/Warnings (TWW) for the Pacific; Tsunami Information Bulletins (TIB), Local, Regional, and Ocean-wide Tsunami Watches (LTW, RTW, TW) for the Indian Ocean (IO) until 31 March 2013; Tsunami Information Statements (TIS), Local, Regional, and Ocean-wide Watches (LTW, RTW, TW) for the wider Caribbean (C). The Japan Meteorological Agency (J), issues: Tsunami Advisories (NWPTA) for the Northwestern Pacific; Tsunami Watch Information (TWI) for the Indian Ocean until 31 March 2013. The West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (A) issues: Tsunami Information Statements (TIS), Tsunami Advisories (TA), Tsunami Watch/Warnings (TWW) for Canada, the US (including Puerto Rico, excluding Hawaii and US-affiliated Pacific Island countries), and the US/British Virgin Islands. Depth (from GCMT solution), epicenter and Mw from the USGS (G), and Mw from PTWC, WC/ATWC, and JMA at action time. Other earthquakes with Mw greater than or equal to 6.5 and a depth no greater than 100 km, as recorded by USGS, have also been included. Wave height and period measurements from sea level gauges (g) reported as amplitude (amp), peak to trough, or greatest value for either flow depth (fd) or runup (r) as indicated. Event location (e.g. name) is derived from PTWC message(s).

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