USGS/IOC GPS, Seismology, and Tsunami Warning Training Course, Bangkok, 20-24 August 2007

Bangkok Training Course in GPS, Seismology, and Tsunami Warning


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USGS/IOC Seismology and Tsunami Warning Training Course, Kuala Lumpur, 27-30 August 2007

Malaysia Training Course in Seismology and Tsunami Warning


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USGS/IOC Seismology and Tsunami Warning (CARIBE-EWS), Trinidad, 25-30 June 2007

Trinidad Training Program in Seismology and Tsunami Warnings


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IOC PTWS/WMO RAV/SOPAC/SPREP/ Tsunami Warning Operations Seminar (PTWS), 2-3 April 2007

Malaysia Seminar in Tsunami Warning Operations


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Featured Resources

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Regional Disaster Information Center (Latin America & the Caribbean)

A database of Spanish language materials focused on tsunami preparedness.
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Post-Tsunami Survey:
El Salvador Summary Video

Learn the basics of a post-tsunami survey.

TsunamiTeacher USA
Tsunami Basics

Also on YouTube youtube_logo
(w/closed captioning)

Learn the basics of tsunamis. Available in English and Samoan.

Tsunamis on the Move

Tsunami Awareness Poster

Awareness poster available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Singalese.


Global Hazard Maps

Posters of Tsunami Sources, Significant Earthquakes and Significant Volcanic Eruptions. Also Tsunami Sources Icosohedron Globe.

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Tsunami, The Great Waves

Available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.


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Tsunami Glossary

Available in English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Bahasa. 



Where the First Wave Arrives in Minutes

Available in English, Bahasa, Spanish and French.


DVD copies for PC and Macintosh computers are available free of charge from the ITIC, Hawaii (itic.tsunami@noaa.gov).

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