1976 Newsletters

Newsletters from 1976

December 1976
(Vol. IX No. 4)

(1.32 MB pdf file)

  • Gaylord R. Miller (1931-1976), p. 1.
  • Japanese Seismologist visits ITIC [Masahiro Kishio], p. 2.
  • Seismic seiches [reprint], p. 2-4.
  • Earthquake reports [final quarter 1976], p. 4.
  • ITIC-ITSU Meeting, p. 5.
  • Tsunami Reports [mareogram requests], p. 5-6.
  • Guam and Truk Tsunami Warning System, p. 7.
  • Tsunami detection (Najita) [University of Hawaii], p. 8-9.
  • The Second USA-USSR Meeting of Experts on Integration of Tsunami Warning Systems, 22-26 September 1976, p. 9-10.
  • Langford, H. Dale, Earthquake predicition: The art is still on shaky ground [reprint], p. 10-12.
  • IUGG Tsunami Meeting March 23-27, 1976, p. 13-14.

September 1976
(Vol. IX No. 3)

(2.77 MB pdf file)

  • Severe Earthquake and Tsunami hit the Philippines, August 16, 1976, p. 1-2.
  • Director, Manila Observatory arrives at ITIC for 6-week working visit, p. 2.
  • Visiting Japanese seismologist arrives at ITIC, p. 2.
  • ITIC-PAGASA-USGS Survey of the Earthquake and Tsunami of 16 August 1976 in the Philippines, p. 3-6.
  • Systematic collection of tsunami data, p. 7.
  • Deep Sea Wave Energy Study [JTRE], p. 8.
  • Attu, Alaska, Tsunami Tide Station destroyed, p. 8.
  • Marcus Island (Minamitorishima) Tide Station reinstalled, p. 9.
  • Minor tsunami recorded at Lord Howe Island, Australia, p. 9.
  • Tsunami recorded in the Gulf of Honduras, Caribbean Sea, p. 9.
  • Kuril Trench Earthquake and Tsunami, January 21, 1976, p. 10.
  • Information exchanged on possible commercial radio transmission of earthquake warnings, p. 11.
  • Talandier and Kuster, Seismicity and submarine volcanic activity in French Polynesia [abstract], p. 11.
  • National Weather Service Announces plans to upgrade the Hawaii Regional Tsunami Warning System, p. 15.

June 1976
(Vol. IX No. 2)

(1.81 MB pdf file)

  • Director of Ecuador's INOCAR arrives at ITIC, p. 1.
  • Hamilton, Robert M., Earthquake studies in China--A massive earthquake prediction effort is underway, p. 1,3.
  • Report of ITSU-V Meeting, p. 5.
  • Assessment and mitigation of earthquake risk [Conference item 8.5 Tsunamis], p. 5-7.
  • [Associate Director's] Central America and Mexico report, p. 7-9.
  • Kerner, Myron, Tsunami warning system Telecommunications Network, p. 11-12.
  • Philippines propose second tsunami tide station, p. 12.
  • Automated tide gauge installation on Potomac in Washington D.C., p. 12.
  • Philippine Islands Earthquake and Tsunami of October 31, 1975, p. 12-13.
  • Seismic sensors to be installed throughout Hawaii, p.13-14.
  • Adams, William M., The tsunami seismic switch (alarm), p. 14-15.
  • Corps of Engineers to install tide gauges in Hilo (Hawaii) Bay, p. 16.
  • [Honolulu Observatory] receives seismic telemetry from Big Island , p. 19.

March 1976
(Vol. IX No. 1)

(1.99 MB pdf file)

  • [Fifth] V Session of UNESCO-Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission's ICG/ITSU, Lima, Peru, 23-27 February 1976, p. 1-12.
  • News Events [List of earthquakes occurring Dec 1975-Febr 1976], p. 12-15.
  • Philippine Survey Director visits ITIC and the Honolulu Observatory, p. 15.
  • Director and Associate Directors visit South and Central America, p. 16.
  • SMS/GOES deployments complete, p. 16.
  • Tsunami station visitation and inspection, p. 16.
  • Tsunami Tide System communicates via satellite, p. 16.
  • Satellite System will warn of tsunamis, p. 17.
  • NOS standard tide gages to be phased out, p. 17-18.
  • Tsunami evacuation plan for Hawaii, p. 18.
  • In-situ tsunami pressure sensor detection system, p. 18.
  • A Wave Forecasting Technique [Wave measurement system at Mokuleia], p. 19.
  • Honolulu Observatory reports: Summary of 1975 Tsunami investigations by ITIC's Honolulu Observatory, p. 24-26.


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