2003 Newsletters

Newsletters from 2003

Aug-Dec 2003
(Vol. XXXV No. 5)

(10.8 MB pdf file)

  • Event summaries, p. 2.
  • South Island, New Zealand, 21 August 2003, p. 3.
  • Hokkaido Japan, 25 September 2003, p. 4-10.
  • Earthquake off Honshu [Japan], 31 October 2003, p. 10-11.
  • Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, 17 November 2003, p. 11-12.
  • South of Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia, 27 December 2003, p. 13.
  • UNESCO/IOC ITSU Training Programme 2003, p. 14-16.
  • Dunbar, Paula and Gusiakov, Viacheslav K. Global tsunami database project (GTDB), p. 16.
  • Japan government team visits Hawaii, p. 17-18.
  • Korea Meteorological Administration visits Hawaii, p. 18.
  • ITSU XIX, p. 19-20.
  • El Salvador joins ITSU, p. 21.
  • Chile deploys tsunameter, p. 21.
  • ITIC Tsunami event data portal, p. 22.
  • Indonesia, 120 years of Krakatau Eruption - Tsunami and lesson learned from large tsunami, p. 22-24.
  • Germany, ISDR Early Warning Conference II, p. 26-27.
  • Seattle, Washington, US NTHMP Meeting, p. 27.
  • San Fransisco, Tsunami "firsts" at AGU, p. 28.

August 2003
(Vol. XXXV No. 4)

(5.83 MB pdf file)

  • Nishide, N., Japan’s EPOS Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System, p. 2-5.
  • Satake, K. .Current research in Japan: Paleo-tsunami Studies Renews Knowledge on Earthquake Recurrences, p. 5.
  • Satake, K. Twenty-first International Tsunami Symposium, p. 6.
  • Gusiakov, V.K., IUGG Tsunami Commission Business Meeting p. 6.
  • Nishimura, I., Imamura, F. and K. Satake, IUGG Field Trip: Tsunami Deposits, Damage and Reconstruction on Okushiri Island, Japan, p. 7-9.
  • Gusiakov, V.K., NGDC/HTDB meeting, p. 9-10.

June 2003
(Vol. XXXV No. 2)

(5.35 MB pdf file)

  • Algerian Earthquake, p. 2.
  • Modifications to products and procedures of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, p. 3.
  • ITIC News, p. 4-5.
  • Miller, Jacquelin, In Memoriam: Doak Carey Cox, p. 6-7, 12.
  • NESDIS Data Users Workshop and Unified Global Tsunami Historical Database Initiative, p. 5.
  • Run-ups in the Hawaiian Islands, p. 7-11.
  • Fryer, Gerard, Tsunami modelling of landslide sources workshop, p. 12.
  • Buika, Jim, and others, Automated tsunami alert system for Hawaii with applications for other tsunami-prone nations, p. 13-15.

April 2003
(Vol. XXXV No. 3)

(3.58 MB pdf file)

  • Vargas, Patricia Arreaga, Tsunami Maps Developed for Esmeraldas, Ecuador, p. 1.
  • Lorca, Emilio and Dr. Rodrigo Nuñez, Chile National Tsunami Warning System, p. 2.
  • Curtis, George, Dr. Tad Murty, Dr. Laura Kong, Dr. George Pararas-Carayannis, and Dr. Charles L. Mader, The Tsunami Society Issues Position Paper on Mega-Tsunami Hazard, p. 4.
  • Lagaspi, Philippines Tide Station Repaired, p. 5.
  • Yanagi, Brian, Local Tsunami Warning Response Exercise Conducted in Hawai`i, p. 6.

February 2003
(Vol. XXXV No. 1)

(4.25 MB pdf file)

  • Followup on October 10, 2002 earthquake in the Irian Jaya Region, p. 1.
  • Solomon Islands earthquake, 20 January 2003, p. 2.
  • Colima, Mexico earthquake, 22 January 2003, p. 2.
  • Ortiz, Modesto, Juan Gonzalez, Norma Ramirez-Mondragon and Salvador Farreras, Quick Field Survey of the 22 January 2003 Colima-Mexico Earthquake-Tsunami, p. 3-5.
  • Hillebrandt, Christa, Puerto Rico Tsunami Protocal Meeting held in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, p. 6-7.
  • PTWC News - Sea Level Station Installations on Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, p. 8.
  • 2003 ITSU Officers Meeting Executive Summary, p. 9-11.


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