ITIC Tsunami Awareness and Education Materials

Tsunami Awareness and Educational Materials


ITIC Tsunami Awareness and Education Materials Information Document [May 2014]

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In the aftermath of the 26 December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, many excellent tsunami awareness materials were developed, especially at the country level, to inform the public and decision-makers on tsunami hazards, risks, preparedness, and mitigation.  In this DVD, the ITIC offers a small compilation of general and basic tsunami awareness materials that can be used to support the needs of government agencies, emergency managers and educators.  Many of the included materials were originally developed to support countries of the Pacific Tsunami Warning & Mitigation System (PTWS) during the 1990s and early 2000s, and were then revised and updated after the 2004 catastrophe to emphasize tsunamis as a global hazard requiring a global early warning system.
For ITIC-authored materials Tsunami, the Great Waves, Tsunami Warning!, and the Tsunami Awareness Safety posters and flyers are provided in formats to allow them to be customized in order to meet the needs, cultures, and languages of countries and local communities. Tsunami Glossary 2008 is also available on request. These formats, including the text and figures, are provided for your copying and free use; we ask that you retain the logos and attributes to the UNESCO IOC ITIC, and the credits to the individual authors and/or agencies, but you may also add your agency information and print and distribute the revised materials free-of-charge. Upon modification, we ask that you provide the ITIC with electronic and print copies of your revision.  Your sharing will enable us to share your work with others.
The .pdf files, in both low and high resolution (created in Adobe Acrobat 7.0), were created from the originals for both online and print distribution. The .doc files (created in Microsoft Word 2003) are intended for easy translation into other languages, or to allow easy insertion of local information. The .ai files (created in Adobe Illustrator CS) are the original files used to create the product and can be modified to include local images and content.  The ITIC would be happy to work with you to finalize and make your materials publication-ready with the same design layout as in the originals.
In general, our goal is to have all basic materials available in at least English, French, and Spanish. Selected materials are also available in other languages.  These have been contributed by Member States, and ITIC has received copies of their translated materials.
All files are available by DVD from ITIC on request, or available for download from the ITIC web site (this webpage), see below.
We regret that we are unable to offer the full range and breadth of the materials that are available in this 1-DVD compilation.  Please do contact us ( if you have other requests or need further information or examples.  We very much welcome your additional contributions to our library collection!




1) Tsunami, The Great Waves (general infomation booklet)

  • English - IOC Brochure 2012-4, IOC, ITIC, LDG (France), NOAA, Revised 2012
    Spanish - IOC, ITIC, LDG (France), NOAA, SHOA, Revised 2012
  • French - IOC Brochure 2012-4, IOC, ITIC, LDG (France), NOAA, Revised 2012
  • Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified - National Marine Environment Forecasting Centre (NMEFC), State Oceanic Administration China and Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), June 2006

2) Tsunami Glossary (technical, includes science and warning systems)

  • English -IOC Technical Series 85, ITIC, 2008 & 2013
  • Arabic - IOC Technical Series 85, UNESCO IOC, 2013
  • Spanish - ITIC, SHOA, 2008 & 2013
  • French - ITIC, LDG (France), 2008 (draft) & 2013
  • Bahasa (Indonesia) - JTIC, 2007
  • Korean - Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), 2002

3) Tsunami Warning! Children's Cartoon Book (cartoon book for children describing a tsunami warning)

  • English - IOC Information Document No. 1223, ITIC, Revised 2005, 2013
  • English (Caribbean) - CDEMA, 2010
  • Spanish (Chile source) – CICESE (Mexico), 2000
  • Spanish (Puerto Rico Trench source) – Puerto Rico Seismic Network, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, 2007
  • Bahasa (Indonesia) - IOC Information Document No. 1223, ITIC, BMG (Indonesia), LIPI (Indonesia), 2006
  • Maldivian - IOC Information Document No. 1223, ITIC, Maldives Department of Meteorology, Revised 2005
  • Sinhalese - IOC Information Document No. 1223, ITIC, Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology, 2006
  • Thai - IOC Information Document No. 1223, ITIC, NDWC (Thailand), 2006

4) Tsunami Awareness Posters

  • English (11” x 17”) - ITIC, 2005 (solid and picture background)
  • Sinhalese (11” x 17”) - ITIC, Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology, 2005
  • French (11” x 17”) - ITIC, LDG (France), 2006
  • Portuguese (11” x 17”) - ITIC, Instituto Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (INAM,
    Mozambique), 2008
  • Portuguese (11” x 17”) - ITIC, Instituto Dom Luiz (IDL, Portugal), 2010
  • English (17” x 22”) - ITIC, 2006 (hard copy only), Revised 2011
  • Spanish (17” x 22”) – UNESCO/IOC-ITIC, 2010, Revised 2012
  • Chinese Traditional (17” x 22”) – ITIC, Hong Kong Observatory, 2010
  • Chinese Simplified (17” x 22”) – ITIC, Hong Kong Observatory, 2010
  • Japanese (17” x 22”) – UNESCO/IOC-ITIC, 2010
  • Korean (17” x 22”) – ITIC, Korean Meteorological Administration, 2010


5) Map Posters

6) Tsunami Safety Flyers (8.5x11 inch)

  • English - ITIC, 2006, Revised 2011 (Sensing a Tsunami only), revised 2013
  • Bahasa (Indonesia) - JTIC, 2007
  • Tongan - Tonga Meteorological Service, National Disaster Management Office, ITIC, 2007
  • Spanish- Puerto Rico Seismic Network, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, 2007; Instituto Oceanográgico de la Armada (INOCAR), 2007
  • Portuguese - Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia (INAM, Mozmbique), ITIC, 2008
      • Hawaii - Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, ITIC, revised 2014
      • American Samoa - NWS Pago Pago, ASG Dept. of Homeland Security, ITIC, 2009
      • Samoan - NWS Pago Pago, ASG Dept. of Homeland Security, ITIC, 2011

7) Surviving a Tsunami - Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan, USGS


8) Where the First Wave Arrives in Minutes – Indonesian Lessons on Surviving Tsunamis Near Their Source

  • English - UNESCO, IOC, JTIC, 2010
  • Arabic - UNESCO, IOC, JTIC, 2013
  • Spanish - UNESCO, IOC, JTIC, 2010
  • Bahasa - UNESCO, IOC, JTIC, Canadian International Development Agency, 2009
  • French - UNESCO, IOC, JTIC, 2013


9) EQ and Tsunami Textbooks and Teacher’s Guides (Color), Pre-K, Grades 2-4, 5-8, 9-12, Servicio Hidrográfico y Oceanográfico de la Armada de Chile (SHOA)/IOC/ITIC, 1997, Revised 2003 (English, Spanish). Spanish Teacher’s Guides revised 2012.

10) Tsunamis for 4th to 6th Grades, Textbook and Teacher’s Guide, Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC, Japan) / ITIC, July 2006 (English, Thai)

11) Didactic Manual for Students and Teachers for a Culture of Tsunami Prevention, UNESCO/DIPECHO, 2012 (Spanish).

12) Information and Resources for Schools (Washington, USA), Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division, 2012 (English).

13) TsunamiTeacher, in DVD format (distance learning / training resource)

  • English - version 1.0, IOC Manuals and Guides, 47, 2006, in DVD format, PDF hard copy
  • Bahasa (Indonesia) - JTIC, 2007, in DVD format
  • TsunamiTeacher (USA), Tsunami Basics (6 minutes), in video formats


14) Save Your Lives from Tsunami!, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), 2004, in .mpg format

15) Let’s Learn to Prevent Disasters!, ISDR, UNICEF (TACRO), 2003 (childeren's activity book)

16) Stop Disasters! On-line Game. UN/ISDR, 2007, available at

17) Depositories of Awareness, Preparedness, and Education Materials in Indonesia, Thailand and The Philippines, UNESCO/Jakarta Tsunami Information Centre, 2011 (English).

18) US Awareness materials for children

  • Run to High Ground! (Native American folk tale), WA-EMD, PEP (Washington, USA),2004, in DVD format
  • Tsunamis: Know What to Do!, San Diego Country Office of Emergency Service (California, USA), 2009, in DVD and video format
  •  Tsunamis: ¡Listos debemos estar!, Red Sísmica de Puerto Rico and San Diego Country Office of Emergency Service (California, USA), 2013, Spanish, in video format.


19) Niuatoputapu Tsunami: Tongan survivor accounts of the 2009 South Pacific earthquake and tsunami UNESCO/IOC- NOAA ITIC, Tonga Broadcasting Commission, 2013. English and Tongan.


20) Inamura no Hi (Japanese folk tale), ADRC, 2008 Bangladesh, English, French, India (Hindi, Tamil), Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka

The following are available separately on request:



1) International Tsunami Information Center (ITIC) Brochure, revised 2010
2) ITIC Library Services Brochure, revised 2010

3) Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (PTWS) Brochure, revised 2013




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